EXTERNAL EVENT: Solar Seminar Series by Solar Energy Society of Alberta (Edm)

26 Apr. 2017


Are you interested in attending the seminars in Calgary? Try this event to see when Calgary's seminars will take place.

Seminar Edmonton Seminar
Off-Grid Solar Systems

Apr 26
CN Theatre
MacEwan University
7 PM

Solar PV 101 - How To Hook Up to
Alberta's Grid as a Solar Micro-Generator

Workshop Registration Fee: $15.00

April 29
CN Theatre
MacEwan University
1-5 PM

Solar For All: Reducing
the Cost to Increase Capacity

May 10
CN Theatre
MacEwan University
7 PM

First Nations Solar

May 11
CN Theatre
MacEwan University
7 PM

For more information, please refer to the Solar Energy Society of Alberta website.

Alberta - A Renewable Energy Superpower?

Meeting the challenges of utilizing Alberta's world-class solar and wind resources

Patrick Bateman - Director of Market Intelligence & Research, Canadian Solar Industries Association
Evan Wilson - Regional Director, Prairies, Canadian Wind Energy Association

Alberta's ambitious, clean energy development plans face significant regulatory, technical and political challenges. Although many jurisdictions around the world have been able to rapidly advance renewables, Alberta's electricity market, utility structure and resources are relatively unique. Mr Bateman and Mr. Wilson have extensive experience with renewable energy regulatory and policy strategy. Both have actively consulted with the Alberta government. They will be addressing many of the myths that abound regarding supply reliability, power quality, environmental impact and ratepayer costs. 

Patrick's professional background includes over six years of renewable energy policy and regulatory research and analysis, stakeholder relations and communications in Europe and in Canada. He holds an MSc in Renewable Energy and a BSc in Environmental Science. Patrick has been heavily involved in communication between the Alberta Government and the solar community over the past year, during the formation of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan. 

Evan Wilson has been similarly involved in consultation with the new provincial government, in his position as Regional Director, Prairies at the Canadian Wind Energy Association. His background includes extensive experience in pipelines, finance, solar, and wind. He holds both a BA and MA in Political Science and Government, and is well positioned to provide information on the growing Alberta renewables industry. 

Opportunities for Women in Renewable Energy

Joanna Osawe - Business Development Manager, DMC Power
Jen Atchison - Vice President, Sustainable Energy Insurance

Alberta's young but rapidly growing clean energy sector offers many opportunities for women. Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) encourages and supports women to enter this dynamic field. Although based in Ontario, WiRE plans to be active in Alberta. WiRE offers educational field trips, monthly networking meetings, an awards recognition program, student bursaries, and communications and engagement initiatives. Come hear about the challenges, rewards and resources available in this growing industry. 

Joanna Osawe is the co-founder of Women in Renewable Energy. Joanna has over 10 years of management experience at leading renewable energy sector companies. She has worked in Canada and USA, carrying complex projects through many stages. She believes that renewable energy and emerging technologies play a vital role in Canada's energy mix. 

Jen Aitchison is currently serving as Women in Renewable Energy founding committee member and education subcommittee co-chair. With over 14 years experience, Jen recently received the 2015 Canadian Solar Industry Association President's award for her work as Fire Safety Committee Chair that was responsible for the PV Fire Safety Manual and Training rolled out to firefighters in 2015. Jen Aitchison is also a Vice President at the Jones Brown Toronto Office with a practice area focus on renewable energy and sustainability risks. Jones Brown is a privately held Canadian insurance brokerage and strategic consultancy. 

The Solar Opportunity - Working in the Industtry

Presentations and Panel Discussion - Panelists TBA
Moderated by Brandy Burdeniuk, Principal, EcoAmmo

Alberta's solar generating capacity has been growing by 100% per year for the past three years with no sign of a slow down. The industry needs installers, designers, sales people and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Looking for meaningful, gainful employment in an industry with a bright future? Several presenters will explain how to get into the industry. What training is needed? What kinds of jobs are available? How does one set up a solar business? What is it like to work in the field? A panel of Albertan's who make their living in the solar industry will share their experiences and answer your questions about this burgeoning field. 

Going Solar? How to Determine the Value of a Solar Investment

Rob Baron M.Sc. P.ENG. - Program Head, Renewable Energy and Conservation - Lakeland College

Accurately determining the return on a solar PV system investment in Alberta can be a daunting task. Utilities and jurisdictions have different rate schedules and incentive programs. Future electricity costs, inflation rates, solar module degradation rates, business depreciation schedules, tax categories, and other factors all need to be considered. And then there are the variables of owner consumption rates and the weather! OK, bring on the software! Applied researchers and faculty at Lakeland College have developed a free Alberta-specific on-line cost calculator. Rob will present on factors affecting the economic analysis of micro-gen solar PV systems in Alberta and introduce the software which Lakeland College has been developing to analyze solar PV system economics. Come hear how to utilize this valuable tool. 

Rob Baron is the Renewable Energy and Conservation program head and lead researcher on several renewable energy and crop related applied research projects. Rob has also helped develop Lakeland College's Renewable Energy Learning Centre that showcases and evaluates many renewable energy technologies and provides hands-on learning experiences for their students and the public. He is a NABCEP certified solar installer and a registered engineer. 

Solar Trade Show

Presentations, Pecha Kucha, Workshops, and Booths - Presenters TBD

Our second annual Solar Trade Show and Pecha Kucha will return to NAIT, with expanded breakout rooms for workshops and discussion. There will be workshops on How to Take Advantage of Government Incentives, City of Edmonton Solar Permits, and System Financing Options. As well, there will be a public showing of the SESA Archives in celebration of SESA's 40th anniversary! The first annual SESA trade show and Pecha Kucha was enormously successful with over 600 attendees. 

Solar For All: Reducing the Coast to Increase Capacity

Presentations and Panel Discussion - Panelists TBA

Solar systems are less expensive in countries with advanced solar markets. How do they do it? How can we drive down costs in Alberta? This seminar will include presentations on solar business practices in Australia and Germany. Several successful Alberta solar businesses will also talk about how they have been able to lower installed system price tags while maintaining installation quality and performance through increasing efficiency, bulk buying, and marketing strategies.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Erhard Hermann - President, Boyd Solar

Do you have a dream of moving off grid? Do you have a cabin or remote home that you want to wean off of generator power? Do you have an existing solar system that is under­performing or in need of expansion? Successful off-grid living requires a well-thought-out custom design, high quality equipment and good servicing procedures. Come hear a seasoned Alberta off-grid installer/dealer cover the basics of system siting, design, equipment selection and maintenance. 

Erhard is one of Alberta's pioneers in renewable energy with the primary focus of providing reliable storage based systems in Alberta and the NWT. He has extensive experience in the testing of these systems at his home and shop, which is one of the most comprehensive and complex private test centers of renewable energy products. He has never had to resort to the use of a back-up generator in 15 years! Erhard is a Master Electrician and Certified Hydronic Designer. He now focuses his attention on off-grid solar systems and custom electrical control systems.  

First Nations Solar

Presentations and Panel Discussion

In many ways, Alberta's embracing of decentralized clean renewable energy projects are guided by the same principals and wisdom that the first peoples of this continent have always deeply understood. A panel of Indigenous innovators who are leading the way in solar will share their experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned from completed projects. Many Alberta First Nations communities are installing solar systems, often utilizing community­based labour to do the job. This panel will showcase these inspiring examples and explain the unique benefits of solar PV and solar training programs bring to Alberta First Nations communities.