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A Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) is an applied science, information, or engineering technology professional who is capable of assuming responsibility and exercising independent judgment to perform technical tasks and solve problems in complex technological areas with limited direct supervision.


Please download the C.E.T. Application Handbook for complete information about designation requirements.

Non-Graduate Applicants

Please refer to our Non-Graduate page for application information and the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

**As of January 1, 2018, applicants for certification who are not graduates of a program accredited by Technology Accreditation Canada will be required to complete the ASET Certification Exam.**

Fees and Dues

Application Fee $300
ASET Professional Practice Exam Fee $252*
Certification Exam Fee (If applicable) $252*
Annual Membership Dues $345


*GST Included

Please be advised that application and exam fees are non-refundable.

Application Process

The C.E.T. Application Handbook includes a checklist to assist applicants with completing all application requirements.

  1. Submit application and payment of required fees online.
  2. Mail academic transcripts or academic assessment to ASET.
    • Click here to view the list of programs granted national program accreditation by TAC.
  3. Upload a current job description signed by a supervisor. See sample job description.
  4. Upload a current resume.
  5. Provide contact information for a minimum of three (3) professional references.
  6. Upload a competency summary (also available on the online application) appropriate to the applicant's discipline and have it signed by a supervisor.
  7. Successfully complete the ASET Professional Practice Exam. An Exam Manual is available with complete information about the exam and required study materials in the ASET PPE section below.
  8. Successfully complete the Certification Exam (if applicable)*. Exam Manuals are available in the Certification Exam section below.
  9. Upload evidence of English language proficiency (if applicable)*.
  10. Upload a valid work permit (if applicable)*.

*Please review the Applicant Handbook for full information on these requirements.

ASET Professional Practice Exam (PPE - Ethics)

The purpose of the ASET Professional Practice Exam is to test applicants for C.Tech. and C.E.T. on their knowledge of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and relat regulations and of the practice of applied science, information, and engineering technology in accordance with section 13(1)(c) of the ASET Regulation. The ultimate goal is to protect the public by granting designations only to those practitioners who have an understanding of professionalism, law, and ethics in relation to the profession.

This is exam is required by all applicants.

All related information to the ASET Professional Practice Exam can be found HERE.

ASET Certification Exam (Technical)

The purpose of the ASET Certification Examination is to identify capable engineering and applied science technologists who possess technical competencies in their discipline of practice. The ultimate goal is to protect the public by granting designations only to those professionals who have the skill and knowledge necessary to perform their job in a safe and competent manner. The ASET Certification Examination is designed to test the entry-level skill and knowledge of engineering and applied science technologists who:

  1. have completed a non-accredited technologist-level program of study in engineering or applied science technology and are applying for C.E.T.; or
  2. have completed a technician-level program of study in engineering or applied science technology and are seeking reclassification from C.Tech. to C.E.T.; or
  3. have completed ASET’s Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition process and are seeking reclassification from C.Tech. to C.E.T. and have at least two years of technical work experience in their field of practice.

All related information to the ASET Certification Exam can be found HERE.


For more information about reclassification from C.Tech. to C.E.T., please refer to the Reclassification page.

For more information about reinstatement of C.E.T. membership, please refer to the Reinstatement page.