Client and Contractor Relations

Client and Contractor Relations is a full-day seminar that provides an overview of the skills and strategies necessary to communicate and work effectively with clients and contractors. The seminar presenter uses group discussions, peer sharing, and critical analysis of scenarios/case studies to assist participants to assess and apply best practices.

Building Relationships
  • Make positive first impressions
  • Define and understand professionalism in the workplace
  • Identify your natural interaction style
  • Approach a client or contractor and establish an appropriate professional relationship
  • Understand the impact that trust has on developing and maintaining professional relationships

Managing Relationships
  • Explore the impact of miscommunication and scope creep; use a project charter to manage a project or relationship
  • Understand when to give feedback to a client or contractor, and how to do it in a respectful and constructive manner
  • Identify professional boundaries in client or contractor relationships

Participants will gain a better understanding of:
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • First impressions and behavioural styles
  • Building and managing professional relationships
  • Trust and communication in professional relationships
  • Professional boundaries

The seminar will be of interest to technology professionals who would like to:
  • Develop or enhance their professional relationships
  • Understand how to successfully work with various stakeholders

What Attendees are Saying

"A well put together and well orchestracted presentation."

"Wow. This was an eye opener. I came out with many tools I can use."

"Very helpful seminar. It provided me with insights as to what my priorities as a contractor should be."


Julianna Cantwell, CAE, CMI, CCRN, CHRP

Julianna is a Certified Human Resources Professional, Master Instructor and Adult Educator, specializing in training and development for over 18 years. Julianna’s ability to build rapport and engage participants in an interactive learning experience has allowed her to develop long-term relationships with clients such as Capital Power, ASET, and other technical industries, teaching in their leadership and business skills programs. A true training professional, Julianna logs over 100 business days per year conducting training facilitation.