Effective Business Writing

Knowing the technical aspects of a project is one thing; communicating it through writing is another. This full-day Effective Business Writing seminar provides technology professionals with the tools to write with clarity, concision, and professionalism. Participants will gain confidence as they learn to build strong communication pathways with their newly honed skills.

Note: This seminar replaces the previous Technical Writing seminar and has been revised to focus on best business writing practices.

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the characteristics of good writing and apply the seven C's
    • Clear, Concise, Complete, Coherent, Confidence, Correct, Courteous
  • Write with your audience in mind
    • Improve readability by applying the “fog index”
  • Manage your message intentionally using voice
    • Active vs. Passive
  • Use formatting to enhance your message
  • Improve your usage
    • Grammar, punctuation, numbers, spelling
  • Follow email etiquette guidelines
  • Apply simple editing principles

What Attendees are Saying

“I enjoyed how interactive the course is. It greatly helped to emphasize key points”

“It was good to be engaged so much during the course as it helped with learning”

“This has been a great experience”


Julianna Cantwell, CAE, CMI, CCRN, CHRP

Julianna is a Certified Human Resources Professional, Master Instructor and Adult Educator, specializing in training and development for over 18 years. Julianna’s ability to build rapport and engage participants in an interactive learning experience has allowed her to develop long-term relationships with clients such as Capital Power, ASET, and other technical industries, teaching in their leadership and business skills programs. A true training professional, Julianna logs over 100 business days per year conducting training facilitation.