Exceptional Leadership II

Exceptional Leadership II: Managing People and Teams is a full-day course that builds on the skills and strategies developed in Exceptional Leadership Level I.
The course is designed to be interactive and highly participative. The facilitator will introduce best practices and use group discussions, peer sharing and critical analysis of scenarios/case studies to assist participants in assessing and applying the course information.
Prerequisite: This course requires completion of Exceptional Leadership Level I prior to attendance. Participants may register in both Level I and Level II at the same time, but Level I must be completed first.
Exceptional Leadership Level II covers the following key topics:
  1. The difference between a technical and leadership role
  2. Behavioural styles and their impact on leadership and communication
  3. Characteristics of effective leadership and what makes an exceptional leader
  4. Communication strategies, including listening, dialogue, and feedback
  5. Motivation strategies, in particular team strengths, limitations, and performance
Upon completion of Level II, participants will be able to:
  • Interpret their DISC personality assessment report (provided and completed online prior to the course)
  • Understand the basic needs, wants, and fears that drive the four personality styles
  • Understand their dominant leadership style and how to adapt their style to meet others needs
  • Assess the dominant personality styles of the members on their work team
  • Identify where conflict may arise in their interpersonal relationships and amongst members of their work team
  • Identify the needs of the team and implement strategies for team development
The course will be of interest to technology professionals who would like to:
  • Enhance their career path
  • Develop or enhance leadership skills
  • Understand how to successfully manage individuals and teams
  • Learn how to communicate effectively as a manager  
What Attendees are Saying

“Presentation of good leadership tools applicable in everyday life and workplace.”

“Excellent course, would love to attend more.”

“I was impressed by the way I was challenged from the minute I walked through the door until the time the course was done.”

“The personal reflection by everyone will help me with my career.”

"Excellent course, well prepared, met all objectives." 


Kandis Neth, P.Eng.

Kandis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Alberta, with a specialization in Chemical Engineering and is certified as a Master Instructor and Adult Educator from NAIT. Kandis is currently pursuing her Masters of Education, specializing in Adult Education. Kandis is a registered Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). 
Kandis has experience in diverse engineering environments ranging from document control, process control, process engineering and improvement engineering. She specializes in project management and has created and led interdisciplinary project teams. For the past 7 years Kandis has focused on Adult course development, training and facilitation; from lean manufacturing to first aid and safety courses and has restructured policies, procedures and associated documentation for non-profit and for-profit organizations. Kandis joined JUNA Consulting Inc. in 2014 as a "Learning & Development Specialist" to facilitate workshops on basic and advanced skills including; communication, behaviour models, conflict resolution, project management, and leadership to professional clients.