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Do you know a fellow ASET member, instructor, employer, or supporter of ASET who makes outstanding contributions to the profession through technical excellence, innovation/creativity, leadership in their field and organization, and professionalism? Recognize their talents and achievement through an ASET Award!

In 2017, ASET Award winners were recognized for their readiness to invest in technical training and support employees’ career development, innovation in technology and support of fellow professionals, dedication to helping the next generation of technology professionals succeed, and efforts to help their professional community reach its goals. 

Award winners will be honored at the 2018 ASET Annual General Meeting and featured through our website and publications. Your nominations are needed to promote the importance of our members and their contributions across Alberta to ‘make it happen’.

Nominations are now closed. If you have questions, please contact Ferdinand Langit.

Nominate Members

Know of a colleague, instructor, or organization who you think exhibits high levels of technical knowledge, leadership, creativity/innovation, community involvement, and professionalism? Honour their daily contributions to the profession and nominate them for a 2018 ASET Award!

Technician/Technologist of the Year

The Technician/Technologist of the Year showcases an ASET member who has demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism and excellence in making a significant contribution to technology. 

First Principle Award

Awarded to those who hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, the protection of the environment and the promotion of health and safety within the workplace.

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Awarded to those who showcase the expanding diversity of ASET members thereby growing a proud, engaging and professional membership.

Innovations in Technology (Under 50 Employees & 50 or More Employees)

Celebrating the innovations of a project, design and/or program, this will be awarded to those who exhibit outstanding innovative work in the tecnhnical arena.

Capstone Project of the Year

This award is an instructor nominated award.

Read more about the projects.

President’s Award for Volunteer of the Year

ASET's volunteers are the lifeblood of the Association. Members contribute an immense amount of their time, energy and enthusiasm in helping the Association achieve its aims. In recognition of exceptional contribution and participation, an ASET volunteer is awarded this honour each year.

The award is a staff/council nominated award.

President’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring

ASET's mentors used their wealth of experience and knowledge to help junior members understand what is needed to succeed as a technology professional. In recognition of their commitment to helping the next generation, an ASET Mentor is awarded this honour each year.

The award is a staff/council nominated award.

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Honoured Members

Each year, the ASET community highlights deserving members and employers for ASET Awards.


Strathcona County
Technical Employer of the Year

Strathcona County services a relatively small geographic region that is home to over 95,000 residents and one of the biggest industrial clusters in North America. This municipality’s challenges are unique and highly complex, requiring delicately balancing the demands of a dense residential population directly adjacent to a heavy industrial sector.

Part of Strathcona County’s success stems from the support it provides municipal employees, including its 48 ASET-registered technicians and technologists working in areas related to technology, road infrastructure, environmental services, wastewater, and facilities.

Recognizing the unique skills and knowledge ASET members possess, Strathcona County remains committed to the on-going professional development of its staff, and ensuring their planning and engineering efforts contribute to environmental stewardship, economic growth, world class municipal services, and efficient and effective municipal infrastructure.

For supporting the continued professional development of its technicians and technologists and the continued integration and growth of technology in their work, Strathcona County has been named this year’s Technical Employer of the Year.


Tyler Morrissette, C.E.T.
Technologist of the Year

Tyler’s drafting career started back in 2001 when he worked for Midwest Surveys in Lloydminster. He quickly worked his way up the ladder into a variety of management roles, showing his level of commitment and ambition.

In 2010, he started his own business, TVSMor Drafting Services Ltd., building it to the point where he was able to focus on it full-time by 2013. Tyler embraces technology to offer a unique working arrangement for his employees while providing high quality drafting services related to new pipelines, crossings, ownership plans, engineering as-built plans for construction, and much more.

In 2014, TVSMor was named Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of the unconventional, yet highly effective approach it takes to providing services to clients in Lloydminster, Edmonton, Calgary, Strathmore, and Regina.

For his numerous contributions to ASET, ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, and steadfast support of his fellow professionals, Tyler Morrissette, C.E.T., receives the 2017 award for Technologist of the Year.


Thian Yew Gan, PhD, PEng, PE, Fellow of ASCE, DAAD Research Ambassador
ASET Technical Excellence

With an extensive resume featuring academic positions around the world, Thian Yew Gan is at once: Professor of Water Resources Engineering, University of Alberta; Research Ambassador, German Academic Exchange Service; Fellow, American Society Civil Engineers; contributor to over 100 journal papers; author of a book published by the Cambridge University Press; and researcher so respected that he has been featured in more than 3,400 scientific citations.

With outstanding contributions and achievements in the areas of hydrologic extremes under the effects of climate anomalies and climate change, and an innovative approach to investigating their combined impact, Dr. Gan has also been active in training young professionals. His diligence, breadth and depth of understanding, compassion, and ability to develop and contribute to science and engineering over the years have led to an impressive body of research with significance for improving quality of life and mitigating certain societal risks.

For his many extraordinary technological contributions, his dedication to professionalism, and his unwavering belief in the value of developing and integrating technological innovation, Dr. Thian Yew Gan, PEng, PE, is presented with ASET’s award for Technical Excellence.


Vivian Chan-Smith, R.E.T.
President’s Award for Volunteer of the Year

A graduate of NAIT, Vivian Chan-Smith obtained her C.E.T. in 1988, following up with her R.E.T. three years later. Prior to founding her own company, DIKWA Limited, she spent 12 years working in a variety of technologist roles — from spooler at fabrication shops to piping designer at EPCs and operating companies. Vivian believes strongly in professionalism, remaining convinced her R.E.T. designation demonstrates to clients that DIKWA is run by a qualified, trained technologist whom they can trust to do the job properly.

In addition to the obvious demands of running her own business, she has devoted countless hours to ASET, serving on both the Board of Examiners and the Professional Practice Examination Committee. Recognized as both professional and pleasant throughout her many years of service, she is known for her attention to detail and for consistently completing reviews appropriately and on time.

For her commitment and contributions to ASET through her volunteer work with the Board of Examiners and as a Subject Matter Expert, Vivian Chan-Smith, R.E.T., receives the 2017 President’s Award for Volunteer of the Year.


Peter Whyte, C.E.T.
President’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring

As a mentor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Peter Whyte, C.E.T., has devoted many hours of personal time in an effort to equip his mentee with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in her chosen career. During the mentorship, he exemplified all the qualities that one looks for in a “dream mentor,” demonstrating encouragement, dependability, and authenticity, and most importantly, providing guidance and support tailored to meet his mentee’s specific needs.

Peter’s support was instrumental in his mentee’s landing her first entry-level GIS position. In addition to assessing the various steps of her interview process, he provided a comprehensive reference that gave recruiters real insight into his mentee’s character and professional capabilities.

When her new job required Peter’s mentee to relocate, he facilitated the transition, giving up several weekends to help her settle into a new residence and familiarize herself with her new surroundings. In doing so, he effectively redefined the role of an ASET mentor.

For adding new meaning to the term, “Going above and beyond,” in supporting the next generation of technology professionals, Peter Whyte, C.E.T., has been selected to receive the 2017 President’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring.


Tim Roth, C.E.T.
President’s Award

Working with ASET President Eric Amphlett at C-FER Technologies since 2005, Tim Roth, C.E.T., has demonstrated an unsurpassed level of excellence in his work, fast becoming a trusted expert throughout the company.

Over the past 11 years, Tim’s support, guidance, and willingness to listen have been extremely important to Eric. This was particularly true over the last year, as Eric juggled day-today job responsibilities, the myriad requirements associated with serving as ASET President, and, most importantly, spending time with his family.

Tim has consistently sought to provide Eric with different perspectives while ensuring that he remain accountable. As a result, Eric holds his friend in high regard both as a professional and as a mentor committed to encouraging growth in those around him.

For his extraordinary technical aptitude, his dedication to encouraging the professional growth of his colleagues, and his unwavering support of ASET’s President,Tim Roth, C.E.T., is presented the 2017 President’s Award.


Red Deer College - Light Followers Solar Panel Track System
Capstone Project of the Year

There are many fixed solar-panel configurations for residential homes in Red Deer and throughout central Alberta. Through its research, the Light Followers Solar Panel Track System team identified a problem with such systems: they do not maximize a panel’s power-generation potential. The team determined that a solar-tracking system would improve the effectiveness of residential solar panels.

The goal of the project was to create a solar-panel mounting mechanism that would rotate and track the sun, increasing the electricity generated by the cells. The attachment had to be designed to fit a solar panel made available for their use, while being adjustable for panels of different sizes. The team had to consider its solution’s adaptability, how it would track the sun in an east-west progression, what electronics would be required, and the system’s ability to withstand extreme elements.

Congratulations to Red Deer College Electrical Engineering Technology graduates Connor Froc, Derek Lozinski, Patrick Martens, and Blair Mulder for being co-recipients of the inaugural Capstone Project of the Year Award.


NAIT - SmartAlert Shoes
Capstone Project of the Year

The SmartAlert Shoes are an innovative take on fall-detection based on the principles of wireless (Wi-Fi) communication and minimally-invasive wearable technology.

The system is meant for use in an in-house medical environment where it will employ a private wireless network to warn relevant medical staff when a patient has fallen. It consists of a pair of shoes, a pendant to be worn around the patient’s neck, and a controller, which interfaces with a patient-monitoring software program.

When fall conditions are met on all three wearable devices, auditory and visual alarms are triggered, alerting healthcare providers. The program automatically records and logs recent fall times; any alarms must be turned off manually, which ensures patients receive the assistance they require.

Congratulations to the NAIT Biomedical Engineering Technology Program team of Marcel Laguna, Muhammad Suleman, and Edward Yong for being co- recipients of the inaugural Capstone Project of the Year Award.

Past Winners

2016 Winners

Each year, the ASET community highlights deserving members and employers for ASET Awards.


Ryan Blair, C.E.T.
2016 Technologist of the Year


Cecil T. Kijewski, R.E.T.
2016 Volunteer of the Year


Gary Dale Helmer, R.E.T.
2016 Excellence in Mentoring


Christopher Warren, Q.C.
2016 President's Award


ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
2016 Technical Employer of the Year

2015 Winners


Darren Machula, C.E.T.
2015 Technologist of the Year


Spartan Controls Ltd.
2015 Technical Employer of the Year


Andre Lucena, B.Arch., MA
2015 Excellence in Technical Instruction


Ray Wilkinson, C.E.T.
2015 Volunteer of the Year


David M. Humphreys, R.E.T., A.Sc.T.
2015 Excellence in Mentoring


David J. Merralls, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
2015 President's Award

2014 Winners


James Hogan, C.E.T.
2014 Technologist of the Year


Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.
2014 Technical Employer of the Year


Roger Fluter, P.Tech. (Eng.)
2014 Technical Excellence


Brad Mielke

2014 Excellence in Technical Instruction


Tanya Hunter, C.E.T.
2014 Volunteer of the Year


Nicholas Scott, P.Tech. (Eng.)
2014 Excellence in Mentoring


Barry Cavanaugh, J.D.
2014 President's Award