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Membership Renewal


What does ASET membership do for you?

  1. Part of a Community: Your membership gives you access to networking and professional development opportunities through our Mentorship, and Volunteer Programs
  2. A Leader in Your Field: You have the technical knowledge through your education and work experience – your ASET membership supports you in developing skills that can help you achieve more in your workplace through ASET E-Learning Sessions and Exclusive Partner Training.
  3. Career Support: Your membership gives you access to the ASET Career Centre with jobs posted by key employers exclusively for ASET members. Get an edge in the marketplace by uploading your resume and applying for new opportunities.
  4. Earning Potential: With your membership you get access to the annual member-driven Salary Survey, which reports salaries based on particular disciplines, industries, years of experience, and region.  This serves as a valuable tool for different career stages, whether you are choosing which discipline to work in, making a career change, or negotiating your salary.  
  5. Pathway to Independent Practice: ASET is the only technology regulator in Canada to offer technologists a scope of practice and right to practice independently via the Professional Technologist designation. Take your career to the next level by applying for P.Tech.(Eng.) or P.Tech.(Geo.).

Here are some of the highlights from 2016:

  1. Stakeholder Relations Department delivered 85 presentations to over 1,800 stakeholders, technologists, engineers, and HR professionals to educate employers about the value of certification within the industry and the contributions of technologists and technicians to the economy.
  2. Worked to provide events and resources to assist energy professionals looking to prepare for, and find, new careers.
  3. Launched the ASET Career Centre, connecting our members to employers searching for qualified technology professionals, while also providing content to support the job search process.
  4. Continued our member-focused marketing campaign to increase public and industry awareness of the essential contributions of technologists and technicians within the Alberta economy.

Renewing Your Membership

Please note your Membership Renewal Invoice is available online ONLY and will not be mailed.

  1. Login to the ASET website.  Your username is your membership number and the default password if you have not changed it is your date of birth (YYYYMM). Example: 

    Member Number - 12345

    Username will be 012345 (must be 6 digits, use zeros in front of number as needed)

    Date of Birth -
    July 1, 1955

    Password will be 195507

  2. Select ‘Pay Dues’ from your member profile after you login to the ASET Website (your member profile is the purple icon in the top right corner after you have logged in to the ASET website).  
  3. Click on the ‘Renew Now’ button and follow the steps to update your contact information, view your 2017 invoice, and pay your dues.  
  4. If you come across any questions during the process, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at if you need any assistance.  

2017 Annual ASET Membership Fees


T.T. $140
C.Tech. $335
C.E.T. $335
R.E.T. $360
P.Tech. $380
Permit to Practice $475
Retired $105
Unemployed Certified** $70 (needs form)
Unemployed T.T.** $25 (needs form)

**Please see required form to ensure you qualify for the Unemployed Rate


C.Tech./C.E.T. $300
P.Tech. $300

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:How can I pay my dues?

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Q:How can I access my 2018 ASET Dues Receipt?

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Q:How do I access my ASET Membership Card once I have paid my 2018 Membership Dues?

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Q:I am a certified member – what are my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

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Q:My Membership Status has changed (due to temporary unemployment/leave or retirement, etc.) – what do I need to do?

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Q:I did not pay my 2018 membership dues before the deadlines but I want to maintain my ASET Membership? What do I need to do?

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Q:What are the late fees that will be applied to my 2018 dues if I have not paid them in full by January 1, 2018?

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Q:I am retiring. What are the benefits of maintaining my ASET Membership as a Retired Member?

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