Professional Technologist - Engineering

Members who earn this designation have the right to practice engineering independently in accordance with established methodologies and specifications including existing codes and regulations. With this right, a member is able to sign off and stamp their own work.

This credential should be of particular interest to members who are working as consultants or running their own business. In addition, senior members within larger organizations may also be interested in exploring the P.Tech.(Eng.) as an option to further their right to practice and expand career options.


  • C.E.T. member in good standing with ASET
  • Six (6) years of related work experience, including at least two (2) years under the supervision and control of a P.Eng. or P.Geo. (Note: Supervision is not restricted to your immediate supervisor; rather, a P.Eng. or P.Geo. must have taken responsibility for your work for at least a two (2) year period.) 
  • Two (2) years of post-secondary education in areas that relate to engineering or geoscience

Application Process

All Applicants MUST

Additional Information

  1. Each application is subject to approval by the Joint Board of Examiners. The licensing process includes a peer review of your work experience where other professional association members attest to your work experiences as being at the professional level.
  2. The following  P.Tech. Scope of Practice Examples may be of assistance in completing the work experience spreadsheet.
  3. You may use the same reference names for your application as you did for your R.E.T., R.P.T.(Eng.), or C.E.T. application, but ASET will not use those earlier reference letters. New reference letters must be drafted for the P.Tech. designation.        
  4. You might need more than three references to cover your work experience. References may not attest to the total period of time that you were in a job. Additional references may be requested at the discretion of the Joint Board.
  5. At least one reference must be a P.Eng. or P.Geo. It is recommended that your other references be regulated members of ASET or APEGA (e.g., C.E.T., R.E.T., P.Tech., P.L.(Eng.), P.Eng., or P.Geo.).
  6. If you wrote the National Professional Practice Exam as part of your C.E.T. application process, you will not be required to rewrite the national exam.   

Learn More

Engineering Practice 

Review a Comparison of License to Practice Engineering to understand the differences between the P.Tech.(Eng.), P.L.(Eng.), and P.(Eng.) designations. 

Application Status 

P.Tech. applicants may contact the office by phone at (780) 425-0626 or email jackies@aset.ab.ca to get an update on the status of their application. Click here for more information.