Construction Contracts by Technologists - Create Effective Technical Contracts

11 May. 2018


**The workshop is currently full. Please email Ferdinand Langit, Program Coordinator, Benefits & Volunteering to be added to the waitlist.**

ASET Members are invited to attend a workshop on Construction Contracts by Technologists (Create Effective Technical Contracts) presented by Mark Dyrbye, R.E.T. (retired) who has 13 years experience creating and administering electrical construction contracts.

This workshop focuses primarily on "Construction" contracts by ensuring project details, risks and variables are fully understood, so the proper technical details and participant responsibilities can become the core of these successful contracts. The non-technical, legal considerations are also introduced, but these require more time than available in this one-day workshop. Some of the topics to be presented include:

  • How to control construction costs, minimize risk, and reduce communication problems with a clearly written technical contract;
  • How you can write technical contracts; and
  • How to evaluate and respond to Tender Documents.

Attendees will also benefit from a sample template to build their own contracts, plus contract planning documents and a copy of the extensive presentation.

Detailed outline for the workshop

Mark Dyrbye, R.E.T. biography

Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: ASET Council Boardroom, 1600 - 9888 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB
Cost: $85.00 (includes lunch) - no refunds for cancellations after April 27, 2018

Seats are limited for this workshop, so click on the REGISTER HERE button above today!