EXTERNAL EVENT: Solar Seminar Series - Edmonton

07 Feb. 2019


Session Title Date Time Location
Community Solar February 7, 2019 7 PM CN Theatre
MacEwan University


Alberta is Going Solar - The Business Opportunity

A presentation of the Alberta Solar Supply Chain Study

Solar is a job generator. Along with new employment opportunities, Alberta’s initiatives to diversify our energy sector and tap into our abundant solar resource, are creating emerging opportunities for investment, new business creation, and retooling of existing enterprises all along the solar supply chain. This presentation will be based on the just completed Alberta Solar Supply Chain Study funded by Alberta Economic Development and Trade.


Big Solar - Alberta's Utility Scale Solar Porjects

A presentation and panel discussion with solar farm developers

Alberta has installed its first 17 MW solar farm. The Alberta Electric System Operator’s Connection Queue presently has proposals for over 4 Gigawatts of solar generating capacity! What are these projects and who are the developers? What are the planning and environmental considerations for this level of development? Round 1 of the Renewable Energy Program (REP) auction in 2017 successfully delivered nearly 600 MW of wind generation at a weighted average bid price of $37/MWh – setting a new record in Canada. Large solar projects in the US, India, and Chile are coming in with very competitive pricing. What is the potential for large solar project pricing here? What are the short and long term ratepayer benefits of Alberta’s embracing of big solar?


Edmonton is Going Solar

The City of Edmonton's Inspiring Projects, New Incentive and Financing Programs

Edmonton has embarked on many exciting new renewable energy initiatives. With new requirements that all City projects, like City recreation centres and fire halls, must spend a minimum of 1% of their budget on renewables, and plans to supply all of the City’s building with renewable electricity, Edmonton is leading by example. Come hear about Edmonton’s own Change Homes for Climate - Residential Solar Incentive program for residents of the city and learn more about the City’s role in the game-changing Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. To top all of that Edmonton has a growing list of large solar heated and solar electrified buildings.


Community Solar

New Opportunity are Making Solar Accessible for Everyone

Does solar system ownership have to be limited to home and business owners that have suitable sites? Alberta’s new Community Generation Program has the potential to allow widespread access to solar. Why can’t everyone reap the benefits in a solar investment? Solar co-ops, neighborhood owned projects, school systems funded by a pool of parents, teachers and alumni, Indigenous projects owned by band members, congregations investing in church systems; the possibilities are endless. How do community generation projects work? What is available now?


Alberta's Solar Industry is Hiring

The Employment and Training Opportunities

Solar in Alberta is generating many diverse job positions and new business possibilities. Come and learn from a panel of professionals who make their living in the solar industry, as they share their experiences, and address important topics such as:

  • The variety of available careers and jobs
  • Recommended prerequisites and training
  • Industry realities - wages, job conditions and opportunities for growth
  • How to set up your own solar business

To learn more about the SESA Solar Seminar Series, please CLICK HERE.