The “untitled” project manager: The unsung hero of project management

25 May. 2022


The “untitled” project manager: The unsung hero of project management

Much of the work completed by technologists and technicians is project based. Our professional knowledge is applied in completing deliverables for projects. Managing projects well is key for us to apply our knowledge and experience effectively. Unfortunately, almost none of us enter the workforce with knowledge of project management. Industry practice is for you to “learn as you go” or receive project management training later in your career. In this workshop we will challenge that notion and discuss the importance of having the entire project team understand the basics of project management.

Hear from Leroy Banack, co-founder of Meridus Management Inc., as he covers this topic. Meridus is an organization dedicated to providing best-in-class project management training for the environmental and engineering sectors in Canada. Meridus has recently formed a partnership with ECO Canada to share its project management training with ECO Canada’s network of environmental professionals. ECO Canada has partnered with ASET to offer special training packages to its members.

The following topics will be discussed during this webinar:

  • Definition of key concepts, including a project, a project manager, and the process of project management  
  • The most essential element of a project, a task, and the relationship between tasks and projects
  • The biggest contributing factor to project failure  
  • Who are “untitled” project managers and their vital role in project success 
  • How this understanding can accelerate your career 

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2022 (registration deadline Monday, 23 May 2022)
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. MST
Format: Zoom webinar – login information will be sent out to all registrants shortly after you receive your order confirmation email1.
Cost: FREE

1 When registering for the webinar, please ensure you proceed to checkout to confirmyou are fully registered. If you do not receive an order confirmation email (please check any junk or quarantined folders), please contact Alison Carter, Manager, Events.

About the presenter

Leroy Banack, M.Sc., EP

Leroy has been involved in the environmental consulting field for over 25 years. While his technical background is hydrogeology, Leroy has been involved in the management of multi-million dollar and multi-disciplinary projects across North America. Leaving his technical role behind in 2010, he began to provide corporate and business support to the consulting industry.

Leroy is passionate about project management and is co-founder of Meridus Management Inc. Leroy believes project management is not a skill reserved for only a few, but something that needs to be understood by everyone in an organization. Meridus develops online courses to bring project management training to entire organizations.


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