The evolution of roadside safety standards – How they’ve evolved and influenced end terminals in Western Canada

07 Dec. 2023


Discover how MASH-rated roadside safety devices are transforming our roadways into safer spaces for motorists. This presentation will focus on the standards outlined in the 2016 Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

We will dive deep into the diverse world of roadside safety standards in Western Canada and unravel the intricacies of the MASH standard. We will shine a spotlight on end terminals, emphasizing the influence crash testing and crash evaluation criteria has had on their applications on our roadways.

By understanding the importance of employing safety hardware like end terminals, we can learn how to enhance road safety and minimize damage to infrastructure, vehicles and, most importantly, road users. Join us on 7 December as we explore the pivotal role MASH-rated roadside safety devices play in making our road network safer.

Date: Thursday, 7 December 2023 (registration deadline Tuesday, 5 December 2023)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. MST
Format: Zoom webinar – login information will be sent out to all registrants shortly after you receive your order confirmation email1.
Cost: FREE

1 When registering for the webinar, please ensure you proceed to checkout to confirm you are fully registered. If you do not receive an order confirmation email (please check any junk or quarantined folders), please contact Alison Carter, Manager, Events.

About the presenter

Jenna Leidl

Jenna is the director of government relations at Barricades and Signs Ltd. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and understands the importance of upholding high safety standards in road construction. She has been in the road building and infrastructure industry for nine years and has participated on various industry safety boards and provincial committees. With a passion for sustainable solutions and expertise in navigating government policies and regulations, Jenna is committed to promoting safety and innovation in the transportation industry.

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