Cyber security: strengthening your human firewall

31 May. 2023


95 per cent of cyber-attacks start in email and target the users. The threat actors know they can bypass other security measures by going through the users, since users are humans and therefore are more vulnerable. Users make an organization run, so in this session, we will discuss how to strengthen your users to make them a stronger human firewall for your organization. 

In this webinar, we will look at the tactics the bad actors use, how you can identify an attempted attack, and what to do when you encounter one of these attacks. We will also cover some preventative measures every staff member should take to secure themselves, both at work and at home. 

Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2023 (registration deadline Monday, 29 May 2023)
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. MDT
Format: Zoom webinar – login information will be sent out to all registrants shortly after you receive your order confirmation email1.
Cost: FREE

1 When registering for the webinar, please ensure you proceed to checkout to confirm you are fully registered. If you do not receive an order confirmation email (please check any junk or quarantined folders), please contact Alison Carter, Manager, Events.

About the presenter

Nett Lynch, MBA

VC3’S Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Nett Lynch has 25 years of experience in IT, including systems administration, implementations, project management, and operations. Nett has focused on IT strategy/vCIO, cyber security, and leadership/management for the last 15 years. Over that time, she has been providing IT leadership services to clients in a variety of markets, including government, financial, medical and professional services.

As vCISO, Nett evaluates clients’ obstacles and security goals, and uses her technical and business background to help them overcome these obstacles and achieve their business goals in an easy-to-understand presentation, while also elevating the security conversation.

Nett has maintained a focus on organizational security, deepening her knowledge as the threat landscape continually changes. This allows her to provide solutions that are focused on current and emerging threats, as well as offer practical advice on how to implement better security practices into daily life.

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