Improving the ASET CPD Log Book

Helping members log their CPD activities.

17, Apr, 2015

Why did we create a new CPD System?

Our former CPD Log Book System was outsourced to a third party vendor.  Over the last couple of years we have had numerous access and integration issues with linking our former Web Site to this system.

What we did?

With the development of our new Web Site we were able to modify our internal Member Database to store CPD Log Books.  This will give a number of key benefits including:

  • All Member data is stored in a central database that is secure and controlled by ASET in our Data Center located in Canada
  • Eliminates the need for the external log book system
  • Members will only require to login into one system instead of multiple systems
  • This platform allows to build intergation planned for automatically linking our Events Module with CPD so that if you attend an ASET Sponsored Event it will update your Log Book
  • When Audit is performed all data will be store in one system (this will make it very efficient for Members and Staff)
  • Common look and feel (our new web site has the same look and feel to allow easy switchover for Members)

Can I Access My Old Log Book records?

Yes.  Contact the office and we will export the data out of the old system and send to you for your personal records.  Note: we are archiving this data and will have this available as required for future reference.

Do I need to rekey data into the new System?

Maybe.  If you have already entered log records for 2015 we ask you to please rekey this data into the new system.  We will be using the new system for 2015 reporting and onwards.