Work for ASET members on the rise in 2024

31, Jan, 2024

As the association for engineering technology professionals in the province, ASET continues to promote the profession through potential career paths. LinkedIn recently released an article highlighting the 2024 jobs most on the rise in Canada. Fortunately for ASET members (and as a sign of the flexibility of the technologist), six of these roles overlap with the knowledge base of many of our members.

For example an energy advisor, role number two on the list, provides assistance in energy consumption reduction. These individuals most commonly work in oil and gas, real estate and business consulting. They have skills in energy audits, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and often come from backgrounds in mechanical engineering. 

Another role applicable to ASET members is the electrical design engineer. These individuals frequently transition from positions in electrical engineering, project engineering and project management. They bring skills in electrical design, electrical engineering and AutoCAD to work designing lighting, alarm and other systems. 

The engineering coordinator, meanwhile, usually has a background in engineering technology, project management and project engineering. They apply these backgrounds to the organization of engineering projects for various industries. 

Those are only three roles from the LinkedIn article in which ASET members of certain disciplines can find themselves thriving. Water resources engineer, sustainability manager and cyber security analyst are a few more areas where this applies.

This shows that demand for the expertise and knowledge of engineering technology professionals is alive and well in 2024. As the representative of these qualified individuals, ASET will continue to promote their acumen and the profession as a whole. Since these are the growing jobs of the future, certified engineering technologists and technicians need to be there to do them, to ensure that the roles are filled by the best, most qualified professionals in the province.

Read the LinkedIn article if you're interested in learning about the jobs on the rise in Canada.



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