ASET announces winners of 2019 $10,000 Giveaway Contest

22, Jan, 2020

ASET congratulates Jeffrey Reiter on winning the $5000 grand prize for the 2019 $10,000 ASET Giveaway Contest. The contest was held by the ASET Home and Auto Insurance Program. To enter, contestants had to call in to The Personal, which underwrites the program, and obtain a quote for home and/or automotive insurance.

The contest ran from January 2019 through November, with winners announced every month. These lucky members each received a $500 Visa gift card. Additionally, the program launched a student promotion in the fall. The student winners of this contest received $100 Visa gift cards.

Once again, ASET would like to extend its congratulations to the winners and thank every member who took part in the 2019 $10,000 ASET Giveaway Contest. Find out more about the ASET member-exclusive insurance deals offered by The Personal here, or by calling 1-877-314-2338.

The winners:

ASET $10,000 Giveaway Contest:

  1. John Barthory
  2. Kevin Wasiluk
  3. Brent Filevich
  4. Colin Gunn
  5. Todd Nielsen
  6. James Grimsdale
  7. Jesse Twidale
  8. Dale Wilson
  9. George Germain
  10. Nathan Reid
  11. Grand Prize: Jeffrey Reiter

ASET Student Promotion:

  1. Dillon Wheeler
  2. Joseph Baldonado
  3. Sofia Carabit
  4. Todd Warren
  5. Yao Jia

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