Past ASET president Eric Amphlett
on why he made the switch to
The Personal

04, Oct, 2019

Eric Amphlett, past president of ASET, wasn’t always a client of The Personal. But following a minor car accident, he felt the claims process with his previous provider was difficult and time-consuming. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy. Intrigued by the partnership between ASET and The Personal, he got a quote as soon as he could.

From the outset, Eric was pleased with the service and attention he received from The Personal. Required information could be easily shared over the phone, and a detailed quote followed some simple conversations. His questions about specific coverage were easily answered, giving him the peace of mind he needed to feel he and his family were getting the right level of protection. 

"I'm not worried about a lack of coverage, having to make a claim when I need to or being able to change my coverage as circumstances change."

The best part? Eric feels he and his family have saved approximately $1,200 per year by insuring their home and two vehicles with The Personal.  He’s never worried about a lack of coverage, and is confident that if he has to make a claim or change to his policy, everything will run smoothly.  He has also just downloaded The Personal app, which makes accessing his policies or filing a claim even easier.  

As an ASET member, you can also get your home and auto insurance with The Personal and experience the same level of service.  Get a quote here or call 1-877-314-2338.

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