Resources for Working Aboard & Starting Your Own Business

Unable to make our two latest regional events? Here's everything you need to know.

14, Jun, 2017

Following our Technologists Working Abroad and Getting Started in the New Economy regional events, ASET compiled a list of valuable information and resources for its members who were unable to attend the sessions.

Technologists Working Abroad

Focusing on the exploration of opportunities and relevant issues for ASET members interested in leveraging their skills abroad, Lionel Thibeault, P.Tech., held a frank conversation on what technologists can expect when they look at overseas employment.

It was from this conversation that members heard the importance of researching projects they hoped to pursue, ensuring one prepares the correct paperwork and visas, and determining what international companies who currently have a presence in Alberta.

The following list was created as a product of the discussion and input of ASET members:

  1. The Institution of Engineers Australia
  2. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  3. The Institution of Engineering and Technology
  4. The Institution of Chemical Engineers
  5. The Institution of Structural Engineering
  6. The Institution of Civil Engineers
  7. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

For more information on exporting your skills abroad, please click HERE.

Getting Started in the New Economy

ASET members were invited to attend a presentation on the ins-and-outs of consulting, freelancing and telecommuting. The Alberta market has changed with fewer fulltime jobs, but more consulting opportunities have appeared. While this new reality will continue to impact ASET members, one way technologists can adjust is to start their own companies. The following organizations presented to members the opportunities and considerations for starting and growing a business in Alberta:

For more information on how to start a small business, please click HERE.