Understanding P.Tech. Transferability

Clarifying the differences between the P.Tech. designation in Alberta and other provinces

14, Feb, 2018

As new free trade agreements come into effect, technology professionals often need clarification on the transferability of their designations from province to province – especially as jurisdictions develop new designations and criteria.

ASTTBC has recently launched a P.Tech. designation in British Columbia, similar to the P.Tech. designations offered in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. While similar in name, members need to know the P.Tech. designation granted in B.C. is not equivalent to the P.Tech.(Eng.)/(Geo.) designation in Alberta, and is not transferrable. 

“The ASTTBC P.Tech. designation is equivalent to a C.E.T. designation from ASET,” clarifies Jennifer Bertrand, Registrar, ASET. “ASET members holding a P.Tech. designation should not be applying to ASTTBC if they are transferring as the designation affords them no independent authority or authentication rights in B.C.” 

A Quick Comparison of the P.Tech. designation in Canada

P.Tech.(Eng.)/(Geo.) in AB P.Tech. in BC, NB, NF
Ability to practice independently and authenticate professional documents No independent rights to practice or to authenticate professional documents
Completion of the National Professional Practice Exam administered by APEGA National Professional Practice Exam not written as part of application
Granted by the ASET/APEGA Joint Board of Examiners Granted by ASTTBC, NBSCET, and AETTNL without participation of the engineering/geoscience regulator
Directly transferrable to APEGS Not directly transferrable to APEGS
Technical engineering/geoscience experience can be used for application for a limited license with other Canadian engineering/geoscience regulators Technologist or senior technology experience may not be sufficient for a limited license with Canadian engineering/geoscience regulators

P.Tech.(Eng.)/(Geo.) members in Alberta who are seeking to transfer or to perform work in British Columbia, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland should apply to the engineering regulator for a limited license. In addition, P.Tech. members in British Columbia, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland seeking to transfer to Alberta will be granted the C.E.T. designation only, and must apply in full for the P.Tech.(Eng.)/(Geo.) designation in accordance with Alberta legislation, regulations, and policy.

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