For President


Adam Campbell, C.E.T., MBA
For President

It is with great pride and honor, I humbly accept the role of President with ASET. Having spent the past 5 years with the organization, it will be a privilege to continue on with the great work done by my predecessors in this position and on council. ASET has proven repeatedly that it is an innovative, transformative organization, setting the standards for the regulation of engineering and engineering technicians and technologists across Canada.

The focus of our organization has been the transition to a regulatory body. From the early days over 50 years ago starting as an association, our ascension to this position has been rapid, something truly representative of the importance of our members and their professionalism. I look forward to continue working with government, stakeholders and the public to further this transition. Recognizing a scope of practice for engineering technologists is an admirable goal, sought after by our members, the public and stakeholders in our profession.

Nationally, we will continue to endorse the excellent work completed to date with Technology Professionals Canada and Technology Accreditations Canada. Both organizations have done fine work standardizing practices for regulating engineering technology, increasing labor mobility, and serving as an avenue for discussing issues of mutual interest. Of particular interest to myself will be encouraging non-member provinces to join TPC and TAC to complete the reunification of the country.

In my professional career, I remain working for the Lethbridge Water and Wastewater Utility. Leading a team of 70 employees, we provide the operational expertise to ensure that the City has a best-in-class distribution and collection systems. My purpose at work, like on Council, is to apply my training, education, and experience to protect the safety of the public. Both roles are very important to me, and I will continue bettering myself in an ongoing attempt to provide the highest possible level of value to the public in both positions


For First Vice-President


Don Wilson, MBA, DBA, C.E.T., MIEEE
For First Vice President

I gladly accept the role of First Vice President with ASET. As a 14-year member, actively involved in volunteer work since 2008, and in my second service on council, it’s a pleasure to increase personal engagement with ASET: the most progressive and advanced of the Technology Professional regulators in Canada, and that comes from a personal experience of having been a member of three.

I look forward to supporting the membership, the council, and our leadership toward continuous advancement and our combined efforts toward efficient self-regulation and protection of the public with effective member services supporting all technology professionals for which ASET supports.

In additional to my most recent years work with the ASET council, I serve Siemens Canada as a leader in Large Drive Equipment and Process Solutions across Canada, work with NAIT (both as the chair of the B.Tech. Program Advisory Committee, and as a member of the Adjunct Faculty), serve as a board member of Technology Accreditation Canada, and also work as a member of the organizing committee and subcommittees for the IEEE Electrical Safety and Technical Maintenance projects workshops. It is my firm belief that one needs to serve industry associations to fully give-back to the supporting industry in which one thrives.

I look forward to the upcoming exciting year of service with the ASET council


For Second Vice-President

Two (2) nominations.


Kasz Leavitt, P.Tech. (Eng.)
For Second Vice President

It is an honor to be nominated to run for Second Vice-President.  Over the past year I have had the privilege of serving on ASET council and chair of the Governance Committee.   In these volunteer positions I have had many opportunities to learn and grow in my personal life and career.  

In addition to serving with ASET I have been volunteering my time with Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC).   As a member of the Governance and Audit Council I help in the creation and implementation of a second level review. The processes used to qualify for accreditation and verify that standards are followed.  

In my career, I work for MPE Engineering as the Laboratory Manager.  There I oversee the material testing program which include coordinating testing services; training, managing and supervising material testing staff; ensuring that testing is done in conformance to applicable specifications; and arranging for lab certification.

In my spare time I volunteer as an assistant Scout leader. In this role I plan events and assist with formal ceremonies. Watching the kids develop their skills and talents is a rewarding experience.

With your support, I would be honoured to have the opportunity to serve as Second Vice-President.

Ray Wilkinson, C.E.T.
For Second Vice President

I am a native Albertan and have spent much of my career living and working around many parts of Western Canada and the Arctic. I have been extremely fortunate to have seen so much of our country, including some of the more isolated locations in Western Canada and the Canadian Arctic. I have been an ASET member since 1986 and a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) since 1992. I graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta as a Building Construction Engineering Technologist. While the program was focused on residential and commercial construction, I took what I learned and used it on my industrial, oil and gas, and mechanical construction projects. 

My career has been a wild ride over time with the various economic ups and downs which led me into a variety of industries that I never expected to see. But the positions I performed — and the people I was privileged to work with and learn from — continued adding to my engineering technology knowledge and experience. Each challenge we experience is definitely another opportunity to grow and learn what we can use for the benefit of others. Sharing that knowledge and experience helps everyone. Those challenges and solutions can lead to fun times and good stories to share with others.

I began volunteering with ASET when I was approved to join the Board of Examiners. Working on the Board of Examiners was a very fulfilling role as we helped engineering technologists and technicians to achieve their official certifications. Our Board of Examiners shared a lot of fun and laughter too.   

I was elected to the ASET Council two years ago. While serving on Council and Council’s committees, I learned how our organization operates as a provincial regulatory body for the benefit of our ASET members and the public. I was able to see how the past ASET and APEGA Legislative Review attempt would have provided clearer information for the public and our professions to regulate professional responsibilities and obligations in Alberta. I want to be able to continue the work on Council promoting the Scope of Practice for our technology professionals. There are exciting times ahead as we continue the work to improve our particular professional engineering and geoscience technology scope of practice as responsible technology professionals.


For Councillor

Eight (8) nominations.


Tara Chahl, C.E.T., PMP
For Councillor

One of the major issues facing the science and technology industry in Alberta is the lack of women in senior leadership roles. Women in the Alberta energy industry make up for less than ten percent of corporate board members and with the recent layoffs due to the economic downturn this number has reduced closer to five percent. In the past and unfortunately still an ongoing issue women are considered a quota rather than being acknowledged for their experience and contributions to industry.

All individuals with the same level of expertise, experience, qualifications, designations, and good business ethics should be valued the same among colleagues and earn a competitive salary regardless of gender, race, religion, age or other discriminating factors.

One of the first steps to resolve the lack of women in leadership roles would be to change the culture of workplace diversity in the industry, but unfortunately this is not a simple task. A simpler approach is to make the issue more visible to the industry by empowering women with the confidence and education to know that they are equally capable and deserve to perform the same leadership positions as their male counterparts. This training or education could be offered in technical institutions or through a specific ASET mentorship program.


Kyle Gee, C.E.T., PMP, GSC
For Councillor

It is time for the engineering education and accreditation bodies within Alberta and Canada to modernize and get with the times. Recognized and accredited distance engineering and technology programs (Washington and Sydney Accord) have been popping up all over the world. Yet, Canadian universities have not been able to offer any such programs due to backlash from provincial engineering bodies and Engineers Canada.

With the finalization of the legislative review approaching, ASET is positioned well to turn its focus to lobbying for formal online and distance education options for its members. Options that would allow full-time parents and full-time professionals to turn their engineering technology diplomas into recognized science and engineering degrees. 

If elected, I will push for ASET to form a task force which will: 

  1. Lobby distance education universities in Alberta to offer post-diploma engineering and geoscience programs, 
  2. Lobby support from APEGA , and
  3. Assist education providers with approaching Engineers Canada for program accreditation.

Canada is the only English speaking Washington Accord signatory (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United States and United Kingdom) which does not have, nor accredit online engineering degree programs.

Online, open education is not a filthy word, it is the future.

Professionally, I am a Project Management Professional with more than 15 years of diverse experience within engineering, planning, procurement and construction, on a wide variety of land development, utility, community and transportation infrastructure projects.


Neal Isaac, C.E.T., PMP, CISSP
For Councillor

In the role of a Security and Risk leader in the Canadian Finance Sector, my passion is promoting a culture of risk awareness and responsible handling of Information. Currently leading the Emerging Risk and Insights team at ATB Financial, I work closely with the Government of Alberta, FS-ISAC and other industry partners to actively foster the growth of a risk culture across all technology platforms.

Alberta is gifted with resources, talent and innovation making us a technology leader. Every member at ASET is a technology expert in one or more areas. All those areas leverage information in some way and there is a giant reliance on the information that we work with each and every day.

A proud member of ASET, my way of giving back to this community has been through volunteering to help ASET leaders understand our changing landscape around Information technology and governance. I am honored my peers value my contribution in this effort and have recognized me with a nomination for council.

Information Technologists comprise a small proportion of our membership yet this area is a significant contributor to our provincial economy. According to Information & Communications Technology, a GOA information brochure, “Alberta’s robust ICT sector has enabled growth across all sectors of Alberta’s economy. The solid company base of Alberta’s ICT industry includes more than 4,300 companies and 54,500 employees generating over $10.2 billion in annual revenues, making ICT Alberta’s third largest value-added sector.”

There is tremendous opportunity for ASET to provide further leadership and governance in this area. With the support of like-minded members, my role on council would be focused to advocate awareness and development of this area, not only within our membership but with industry partners and in government.

Thinking big, this would not just guide our ASET members, rather employers, peers and industry leaders who need support for showcasing Alberta as a leader of Information Technology and help cement Alberta's claim as the "Silicon Valley of the North". 


Darren Machula, C.E.T.
For Councillor

Upon obtaining my Mechanical Engineering Diploma from The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2005, I was quick to exercise my learnings as a draftsmen for a Canada-wide backup power generation company.  Following this role, with my foot in the door to the Alberta industry, I progressed to an engineering research firm where I spent eight years constructing and operating apparatus used for experimentation and qualification of oilfield related tools and equipment.  This experience allowed me to obtain a promotion and expand my mechanical strengths into the realms of instrumentation, electrical and project management; while working with teams made up of a variety of engineering backgrounds.  For the past four years, while continuing to leverage my organizational skills and experience, I have actively participated in the expansion of the firm into a second facility.

Recognizing the benefits of an ASET membership and in search of summer work, I became a student member in 2004 and actively utilized ASET's job postings.  While not the only avenue for career opportunities, I found success twice with lasting employment which I directly accredit to ASET membership.  This value provided to ASET members is one of many that has inspired me to want to give back to the organization and to other members alike.  I feel that being a part of the council would allow me to be the voice of all of the technologists and technicians I have had the opportunity to work with on his journey, as well as represent other members who look to ASET as a source of growth and empowerment.

When awarded with ‘down time’, I enjoys tackling projects such as deck building, maintaining my family’s fleet of aging vehicles, and experimenting with unusual culinary techniques.  I enjoy pushing my comfort zone by traveling and is never far from my camera gear.  Staying active and involved is also important and I do so by participating in team sports and organizing my company’s Partners for Life blood donation pledge.


Divyeshkumar Patel, C.E.T.
For Councillor

There is a quantum of well educated and experienced immigrants coming from all over the world in Alberta, Canada for making careers in their own professional field. Alberta is home for all kind of industries and especially for the oil and gas sector. The main issue is all immigrants are not able to get the work in their profession with respect to their skills and experience because they are not able to recognize their education and experience, and they don’t have Canadian work experience while all industries expecting local experience.

I want to continue volunteering to deliver presentations to new immigrants about ASET, so candidates are aware of the application process, and we can create and deliver presentations/knowledge sessions about our PPE & certification exam, available material, course content etc., so candidates receive the support to pass the exam which helps them to receive designations from ASET.

We have the opportunity to create more awareness towards all industrial organizations regarding our process of giving designations, and the authenticating process of evaluating education and experience — from this, we can create assurance in industrial organisations to consider candidates with designation from ASET organization.

I can be more involved in giving presentations at events/summits/industrial fair etc., where multiple number of employers are available and explain our designations, our careers posting page etc. 

From this way, we can create interest in industrial organizations about ASET Council and their designated members and help newly immigrants to recognize their skills and education and help them to connect them with industry for getting work.


Norman Villeneuve, C.E.T.
For Councillor

With over 32 years of experience as a technologist, I am currently working with Stantec Engineering. With a background in Architectural Technology, I am called upon for Architectural, structural, industrial projects and project management for many clients. 

With almost 32 years of experience as a CET in Alberta, working with fellow technologists, engineers, architects, and project managers, I bring my multifaceted perspective of working in harmony with other regulated professions. As a project manager, I bring extensive expertise in integration between technologists and other professionals. The ASET Council is expected to tackle a myriad of issues soon, and as a Councillor I need to see the plan and prioritize the key issues affecting our profession such as self-regulation and expanded scope of practice.

The most important issue affecting ASET today is our continued efforts to maintain self-regulation. 

Technologists are imbedded into every area of industry: industrial construction, oil & gas, mining, residential and commercial, etc., and it is the job of ASET to ensure self-regulation continues. Technologists are indeed the subject matter experts on their profession and we need to convince the Government of Alberta, who owns the Engineering Professions Act, that we should remain their gatekeepers.

Another issue dominating the narrative is the need to expand our scopes of practice. Increasingly, technologists are called to run projects or operations, because of their great wealth of knowledge and experience. And ASET is doing a great job of defining this scope. But with great power comes great responsibility, of course, therefore I am a strong supporter of proving we can expand our scope of practice and at the same time absorb the required liability exposure that comes with it. 

I am very proud of our profession and of our practitioners so I expect they will welcome the added liability if it means we can further enrich our careers. Our colleagues in the engineering and architecture professions are a great example on how technologist can structure the profession. I think that being a Councillor of ASET will allow me to lend my skills while working closely with self-regulation and expanded scope of practice, both essential to our success.


Wade Weaver, P.Tech. (Eng.), B.Tech., PMP
For Councillor

I appreciate the opportunity to be nominated for councillor, as ASET has played a key role in my career. I grew up on a farm north of Lloydminster, Alberta where I started my career in the construction industry before heading off to Lethbridge College to graduate with a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. Upon graduation, I relocated to Edmonton in 2007 to work for WSP|OPUS (formerly OPUS Stewart Weir) and continue to work ¬today as a project manager. I received a Bachelor’s Degree with honours in Technology Management from NAIT in 2012.

ASET needs to continue to be innovative to support our members during these challenging times. I would like to focus on enhancing the services that ASET provides its members, such as;

  • Recognition of the P.Tech.(Eng.) designation,
  • Revisit the Career Centre business model to promote more job opportunities,
  • Collaborate with neighboring provincial Associations, and
  • Increase our online presence. 

If nominated, I would be eager to work on challenging projects for our members whether this be on the current APEGA/ASET legislative dispute, industry awareness, or other challenging tasks. 


Greg Widmeyer, C.E.T.
For Councillor

I am honored to be nominated to run for ASET Council.   I will proudly represent fellow Technologists and Technicians and will strive to bring fresh new perspectives to council from my experience in the fields of Engineering, Information Systems, and Information Technology.

My career in Information Technology has expanded greatly since I entered the field in 2007, from beginning as a co-op student, advancing to the role of Network Administrator, to my current position as a Systems Integration Analyst.  My current role focuses primarily on project management, improving organizational processes, automation, and a combination of on-premises and cloud computing services.  My future career goals include integrating my current knowledge and experience base with business operations and management.

I am currently completing my Master of Science in Information Systems and hold a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems (2014) from Athabasca University, and a diploma in Computer Engineering Technology (2007) from SAIT.

My involvement with ASET began as a C.E.T. in 2012 and I have volunteered with ASET in the following capacities:

  • Board of Examiners 2014-current
  • Mentoring others in career planning 2015-current
  • Review and testing of Professional Practice Exams in related disciplines
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) program 2016-current

The ASET volunteer position I have been perhaps the most passionate about has been in my role of working alongside fellow members to initiate province-wide certification requirements for IT professionals.  In December 2017, I was honored to be selected as a recipient of the Graduate Citizenship Award based primarily upon my extensive volunteer work with ASET and my role here in spearheading discipline-specific certification for IT professionals.  I look forward to continuing to bring this level of dedication and passion in my service as a Councillor with ASET.