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Continuing Professional Development


ASET is a self-regulatory organization under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act of Alberta. The Act requires ASET’s regulated members to comply with a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Along with the ASET Code of Ethics, under which ASET members are responsible for undertaking ongoing professional development, the ASET CPD Program helps to demonstrate that ASET regulated members are committed to serving the public and the profession by maintaining and developing their proficiency and competence.

The ASET CPD Program is intended to be flexible and to allow members to determine and select their own learning needs. There is no expectation that members or their employers will incur any additional costs or that members spend any additional time away from work.

Please refer to the CPD Activity Connector for CPD suggestions.

Activities considered as CPD
The chart below provides examples of continuing professional development activities. These activities fall under four main categories: Formal Learning, Informal Learning, Peer and Professional Interaction, and Contributions to the Profession.

Track and Manage My Annual CPD Activities

  1. To access your CPD Logbook, log-in.

  2. Click "Manage CPD" on your dashboard.

  3. Select the correct year to start adding activities.


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Q:How do I log my CPD?

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