ASET Certification Exam


Please download the Certification Exam Handbook for complete information about the exam.

To learn more about the discipline options for the Certification Exam, please click HERE.

Exam Schedule

ASET offers the exam to candidates by attending a physical location within one of the cities mentioned below.  As well, ASET offers the exam to be delivered by a virtual proctoring method.

Physical Locations: Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie* and Lethbridge*     
*limited seating available

Virtual Proctoring: This method of the exam delivery (via webcam) has specific computer and other requirements that must be met in order to use this method, see below. An exam written using the virtual method will be written on the same date as the physical location.

  1. A desktop computer/ laptop with a functioning free standing/ integrated webcam (tablet, smartphones, or iPads are not acceptable devices)
  2. Chrome web browser installed and updated – only web browser to be used for the exam.
  3. A closed room/office with a door, free of any type of interruption for the duration of the exam.
  4. Good, stable internet connection
Exam Date (Wednesday) Registration Deadline

July 24, 2019

June 27, 2019

October 23, 2019
September 26, 2019

Policies & Procedures


Exam Time/Location
Exam Results Calculator Policy Special Accomodation


Reschedule/Rewrite Policy

Please be advised that if you wish to reschedule your exam date at any time after the Registration Deadline (see above chart), you will be charged the full exam fee of $252. Applicants may attempt the exam a maximum of 3 times within one year from the date of application.

If you are required to rewrite the exam, you will be charged the full exam fee of $252.

Please email to reschedule your exam. 


Exam Time/Location Notification

Yardstick, via email, will be providing specific location and time details of the candidates examination 1-2 weeks before the exam date.  

The email contains important information and is to be reviewed before the exam date. As well, it must be brought the examination if attending at a physical location.

If you are not contacted by Yardstick within two weeks of your requested exam date, please contact Yardstick directly at to have your exam registration information re-sent. ASET does not have this information and cannot provide it to you via phone or email. 

*All candidates must have non-expired, valid government issued photo ID in order to write the exam, this identification must be brought with on the date of the examination.


Exam Results

Exam results will be emailed 2-3 weeks from the exam date by Yardstick.


Calculator Policy

Candidates can bring in a scientific calculator that is non-programmable, non-graphing and have no memory storage capabilities.

It is highly recommended candidates bring their own calculator as the testing centre does not have any on site.

Please review the Calculator Policy prior to examination day. A listing of approved and not approved calculators is included in the policy.

It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure their calculator is approved prior to the exam, either by being indicated on the approved list or by obtaining approval from ASET. If a candidate does not obtain approval prior to the exam, their calculator may be deemed inadmissible and prohibited from the exam.

Candidates can email ASET at with their make and model number of their calculator that they wish to bring to the examination to determine eligibly.

A formula sheet is provided by Yardstick on the day of the exam.


Special Accommodation Requests

If applicants with disabilities need to request accommodations to write the ASET Certification Exam, a notice period of 7 weeks before the exam date of their choice, must be given in writing to the ASET Registration Staff with the appropriate documentation (email

Applicants will be required to provide documented evidence of the disability.  Such evidence includes a formal detailed diagnosis of the specific disability from an appropriate professional (e.g. physician, psychologist, rehabilitation counsellor) and supporting documentation citing the need for exam accommodations and what accommodations the candidate received in the past. 

ASET will review the candidate’s written request for accommodation and determine if it can be supported.

More information about the types of accommodations can be found detailed in each of the ASET Certification Exam manuals available from the dropdown box at the top of the webpage.

Exam Resources

ASET Certification Exam manuals are available for download.

Practice Certification Exams available for purchase.

Please note: The Practice Exams are hosted by a third-party educational partner, and applicants will need to create a new account to access the exams.