Kevin Harrison, P.Tech.(Eng.) , P.L.(Eng.), C.T.I.

Kevin Harrison, P.Tech.(Eng.) , P.L.(Eng.), C.T.I.

Kevin Harrison is a professional qualified electronics surveillance engineering technologist with 37 years of experience. After graduating with a diploma in electronic engineering technology from NAIT, Kevin honed his technical skills while specializing in radio propagation at an Edmonton radio station before joining the Edmonton Police Service (EPS). During his tenure with the EPS, he has brought such a level of success to the unit that outside law enforcement agencies are similarly modeling their technical support teams. Kevin’s technical expertise is also sought out to develop training and provide instruction to other law enforcement agencies in North America.

As a longtime volunteer with ASET, Kevin has been involved on various committees and boards. He’s also served on Council, as first and second vice-president, and held two terms as ASET president. Kevin held a term as president of the Engineering Technology Scholarship Foundation of Alberta (now the ASET Education and Scholarship Foundation).

If elected to Council, Kevin plans to deal with a persistent problem. He points to a major issue that has faced science and technology professionals in Alberta: a lack of recognition. This includes recognition for what they have done, what they are doing now and what they will do in the future. This has been a long-standing struggle for Alberta science and technology professionals, and really all science and technology professionals across Canada for as long as they have existed, he notes. ASET has been a leader in Canada in the fight for equality with other professions and has been making headway. For Kevin, this fight is not over.

“ASET must continue to connect with professionals in the industry, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to collaborations, mentorship, and career opportunities for our members,” Kevin says. “ASET should engage in discussions and decision-making processes that shape the direction of the industry, allowing our members to contribute their insights and expertise. ASET can boost our professional visibility, making our members more recognizable within the industry and potentially opening doors to leadership roles to continue to promote our importance to the growth of Alberta.”

Kevin has a plan in which ASET can use the platform to advocate for positive changes or improvements within the industry, potentially influencing policies and practices. This can boost ASET’s professional visibility, making association members more recognizable within the industry and opening doors for future growth opportunities.

With a proven track record of exceeding performance expectations in everything he does, Kevin is well-respected in both his professional and private life. Whether it pertains to work, coaching, teaching, and the rest, Kevin has an unending desire to always make a difference.


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