Raf Tenderenda, P.L.(Eng.), P.Tech.(Eng.), PMP, MBA

Raf Tenderenda, P.L.(Eng.), P.Tech.(Eng.), PMP, MBA

Raf Tenderenda is currently an ASET Councillor and will continue to advocate for transparency throughout the organization so that all members know exactly where their dues are going and how ASET provides value. Raf’s goal is to ensure that members are satisfied with the association and their advocacy priorities, and he always offers an open-door policy for feedback and conversations.

“I want to deliver more value to ASET members; I believe that providing more networking opportunities in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer, and making connections will be a positive addition to both the members and the organization itself. In addition, I will be advocating for a freeze on membership dues and searching for other revenue streams to fill that gap and reduce pressure on members. I will look to expand employee discounts and provide continual education seminars that focus on innovation and technology,” Raf says.

Raf‘s education and professional experience makes him stand out as a great leader.

He first graduated from NAIT’s civil engineering technology program and then went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in technology followed by an MBA. Along the way Raf also received his professional technologist designation, P.Tech. (Eng.) as well as his PMP designation.

Raf has put his educational experience to good use throughout his professional career, which started with him working as an engineering technologist for the City of Edmonton, soon moving up the ranks into project management and then operations management. Raf is now the road manager for Leduc County, an ASET Councillor, and on the Board of Directors for the ASET Education and Scholarship Foundation.

Raf has countless volunteer hours including being the past chair of the ASET Investigation Committee, and mentoring new Canadians at the Edmonton Region Employment Immigration Council. Raf also presented to Immigrant Services Calgary on how ASET can benefit new Canadians. The lessons Raf has gained from his collective work and volunteer experience in different communities and associations make him a prime candidate for the second vice-president position.

“My collaboration, work ethic, emotional intelligence and leadership skills will help me service my role as ASET’s second vice-president. I’ve been an ASET member since 2003 and I’m aware there is a decline in ASET’s membership enrolment. I believe, if elected to this role, I could provide several great ideas on how ASET can deliver more value to members,” Raf says.

Regarding his personal goal as second vice-president, Raf says: “I would like to create a united voice for ASET through a collaborative and productive Council that will be able to grow ASET’s influence and reputation in the years to come.”


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