Rob L'Heureux, C.E.T.

Rob L'Heureux, C.E.T.

Rob L'Heureux has always been attracted to the act of building things and knowing how they work, from watching the graders as a child, to building things as a teen. The drive was always there. When Rob left high school, he sought out an education robust enough to guarantee himself a strong stable career in a field of his interest. Civil engineering fit the bill.

The problem solving and unique projects Rob gets to work on are the things he enjoys most about being an engineering technologist. He thrives as well on the fulfilment of knowing that the work he does makes a difference for others and the greater community.

From Rob’s experience, engineering technologists are the backbone of the infrastructure industry. He is proud to work with some of the most skilled, adaptable doers one could hope to meet. Between managing projects, designing solutions, planning long-term objectives and implementing solutions, it’s an engineering technologist doing it.

On the value of ASET membership, Rob has noticed that ASET brings power in numbers through representation, much like a union. “ASET ensures that our educations and abilities are respected every day. They also ensure that we can work to the fullest of our abilities though partnerships with the governing bodies and associations. For me, The work they have done with the P.Tech. accreditation really shores up a technologist’s ability to reach peak potential and career growth,” Rob says.

This value can be increased through continued lobbying for the skills and abilities of technologists in the workplace, according to Rob. Doing so will ensure the technologist is renowned as the gold standard and put their membership to work for them.

Rob says one of the biggest issues facing Albertan technologists today revolves around cost cutting. “The cost savings drive in industry seems to be putting much more expectations and work loads on the techs to work harder at a higher level for less. I have also heard the phrase ‘Just a tech’ too many times. Techs are way more valuable than some can comprehend,” he says.

If elected as a Councillor, Rob will “put forward ideas to work with Alberta employers to help educate and influence them, ensure that they know why they want a tech to fill that role in their organization, and explain why they are worth the expense.”

He’ll begin his strategy by examining those of the past to see which plan has had the most impact.

“I would need to know what ASET has done in the past and the net results to develop plans. I would love to make changes for a positive impact in a way that would build an environment where new technologists would never hear the phrase ‘You’re just a tech’ ever again,” he says.

The restoration and modification of vintage cars is Rob’s favourite pastime. Aside from the fulfilment of working with your hands and seeing a physical manifestation of your accomplishments, It has greatly expanded his knowledge and built many lifelong friendships along the way.


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