Ryley Proznik, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Ryley Proznik, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Ryley Proznik was raised on the prairies and has set roots down in Edmonton for the past 15 years. He has three children of his own and four stepchildren that he cares for very much. Since becoming a technologist, he has worked on major civil development projects across Canada from the east coast to the edge of the Arctic and many places in between. Like most ASET members, he works in the trenches of the industry towards the unending pursuit of technical excellence in his field.

Ryley is an outspoken professional with a passion for storytelling, amateur building projects and outdoor adventure in his free time. You’ll often find him working the room, striking up conversations and getting to know everyone in it. His approach to problem solving relies heavily on connecting people to create synergy and understanding. As a Councilor, he will be committed to serving, representing, and advocating for ASET members.

Believing in putting people first, Ryley emphasizes that “When people come first, communities thrive. When we create a community where individuals feel free to be themselves, positive changes will occur.” It is his firm belief that we can make this province a better place each day by virtue of our individual contributions to our profession and a little collaborative effort. “Together, with our skills we can actively continue to create and enhance communities where everyone can belong and have ample representation to suit their needs.”

Ryley’s 18-year career of civil construction and engineering experience has involved direct training/mentorship of dozens of technical individuals starting out their careers in the industry. He is often turned to for guidance from seasoned practitioners as well. Since 2021, Ryley has been a project manager for Stantec Consulting. At Stantec, he’s previously served four years as a geotechnical technologist, followed by six years as a lab/field supervisor.

“There are few things we cannot accomplish when our lines of communication are pointed in the right direction,” he says. In the professional sphere, he points out that one of the biggest hurtles techs face every day in their respective industries is a lack of clear legislation to define engineering technologist roles in such a way that would prohibit non-professionals from misrepresenting the work without the same level of accountability members are committed to providing.

“Traditional professions don’t typically face this kind of challenge and our disciplines should be no different. Last year I observed the Council operating diligently to remedy this and I applaud the strides they’ve made so far. The issues they’ve taken on resonate with me profoundly, and now that society is so close to recognizing our true place, I want to be there to do my part for when those walls finally come down.”

Ryley pledges that he will promote on all fronts the fact that our members’ work ensures that the public infrastructure our communities are built on will be of better quality and safer with our collective efforts coupled with the appropriate legislation, because certified technologists are the ones who should be trusted to carry out these roles. If elected, he plans to lead, represent, support, and engage ASET members with integrity and accountability. He will also work tirelessly to collaborate with private, government and educational institutions to get members the recognition they deserve.


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