Annual Dues

Annual Dues

Benefits of Membership


ASET is the professional organization for technicians and technologists in the Province of Alberta.

As a Member you are connected to over 16,000+ individuals, including full-time technology students, recent graduates and fully certified members.

Whatever your preferred method of communication (in-person, digitally, socially, collaboratively), we have the right avenue to help connect you with your profession and the business community to build meaningful relationships to build and grow your professional network and your career! 


An ASET membership gives you a voice on the issues that matter. By volunteering with ASET’s many committees you can ensure that government, educators and policymakers are aware of the topics and issues that matter most to our profession. Everyone can play their part in advocating the importance and relevance of our professional association in our communities. 


ASET members receive access to a broad range of education events and programs designed to keep you informed on emerging trends and developments. Your membership gives you direct access to our Career Center which equips you the latest professional development tools, perspectives and strategies to compete, grow and prosper!


ASET Members can realize thousands of dollars in discounts with auto and home insurance and special reward programs designed specifically for you.

Professional Brand

Whether you are marketing your own individual brand, or you are an organization who values the connection to a professional brand, association with ASET allows you position yourself as a technology professional and stand out compared to those who are not.  As an ASET member you are immediately recognized and embraced as committed to the science and engineering technology profession!


Looking for a new job, want to advance in your career?  ASET job board connects with career opportunities that only our members can see.

Would you like to know how your compensation compares to others in the profession? Then check out our annual salary and compensation survey.  This tool provides our Members with instant access to the most current industry data available to make your case!


Each of our certified members have $50,000 professional liability insurance protection for claims arising from work in their professional capacity.  In addition, we have optional coverage up to $5 million for discounted rates.

Accountability for one’s work is the hallmark of professionalism, and this protection is another way we support you in your role.

Your ASET Membership is valuable – renew it today

Renewal 2024

Renewal Fees

Membership Level Regular Rate Unemployed/Retired Rate*
T.T. $200 $50.00
C.Tech. $405 $101.25
C.E.T. $405 $101.25
R.E.T. $430 $107.50
P.Tech. $450 $112.50
Permit to Practice $545 N/A

*To apply, please go to the “Pay Dues” section of your member portal, click "Renew My Membership," and select your Employment Status from the drop down list when you update your personal information. Then follow the direction prompts to complete the status change request. Members must apply for reduced dues on an annual basis, excluding retired members.


Membership Level Rate
C.Tech./C.E.T. $510*
P.Tech. $550*

*Please be advised that the reinstatement fee is non-refundable.

Renewing Your Membership

If you have not recently updated your password, you may need to reset your password. Click on 'Forgot Password' when logging into the ASET website to reset your password online. Passwords require a minimum of seven characters, and must contain at least ONE number and ONE upper case letter (no special characters are permitted).

Please note your Membership Renewal Invoice is available online ONLY and will not be mailed.

  1. Log into the ASET website.  Your username is your membership number.
    • Example: Member Number - 12345
    • Username is 012345 (Username must be 6 digits; use zeros in front of your membership number as needed).
  2. Select ‘Pay Dues’ from your member profile after you login to the ASET Website (your member profile is the purple icon in the top right corner after you have logged into the ASET website)
  3. Click on the ‘Renew Now’ button and follow the steps to update your contact information, view your 2023 invoice, update your communication mailing preferences and pay your dues.

If you come across any questions during the process, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at if you need any assistance.


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Q: My membership status has changed (due to temporary unemployment/leave or retirement, etc.) – what do I need to do?

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Q: What are the late fees that will be applied to my 2024 dues if I have not paid them in full by 01 January 2024?

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Q: I am retiring. What are the benefits of maintaining my ASET membership as a retired member?

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