Membership Status Change

Membership Status Change

Reduced Dues

An active ASET member may qualify for reduced dues in the following cases:

  • Illness - On employment leave from their employer due to illness.
  • Low Income - Employed in a low income position at the time of annual dues billing up to and including the cancellation date. (Low income is defined annually as per the Canada Revenue Agency)
  • Not Employed - Not working in any capacity at the time of annual dues billing up to and including the cancellation date.
  • Out of Province - Temporarily working in the field in another province or country with the intent of returning to work in Alberta.
  • Retired - Available to members who have worked in the profession for a minimum of 10 years who are no longer active in the profession in any manner.
  • Temporary Leave - Not working due to parental leave, return to full-time study or due to compassionate reasons. 

Please refer to the Annual Dues page for current rates. 

To apply, please go to the “Pay Dues” section of your member portal, click "Renew My Membership," and select your Employment Status from the drop down list when you update your personal information. Then follow the direction prompts to complete the status change request. Members must apply for reduced dues on an annual basis, excluding retired members. For full details, please refer to the Status Change handout.

CPD Exemption

Regulated members who are not actively practicing due to illness, unemployment, parental leave, or retirement are exempt from the annual CPD requirement. CPD exemption is processed automatically following approval of a membership status change request.

Return to Active Practice 

Members who are approved for illness, unemployment, temporary leave or low income will automatically be billed at the full standard rate each year. If you are still in a situation that falls under the reduced dues categories you will need to submit another status change request for that year.

Retired members who wish to return to active practice may be reinstated at no cost with payment of the outstanding balance of regulated membership dues for the current year and proof of Continuing Professional Development compliance to demonstrate professional currency. Retired members seeking reinstatement who are unable to provide proof of Continuing Professional Development compliance at the time of reinstatement will have a period of one year in which to meet CPD program requirements. Retired members seeking reinstatement will need to contact the ASET Registration Department at


Active members wishing to resign may notify ASET by clicking the link on the Profile page of the member portal or contacting ASET at In accordance with the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, resigning members must return their certificate of registration and stamp (if applicable).

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