PTech Stamp

Stamping Guidelines

Professional Technologists (P.Tech.) may engage in the practice of engineering or geoscience within a defined scope of practice and thereby take responsibility for plans, drawings, detail drawings, specifications, and other documents or reproductions by affixing their personal stamp.

ASET Professional Technologist Stamp

A Professional Technologist stamp can stand alone if the P.Tech. is operating as a sole practitioner.


ASET Permit to Practice Stamp

A personal stamp and permit to practice stamp must be used together when a professional technologist is working as or for a partnership, corporation, or other legal entity. In practice, some organizations do not use a permit to practice stamp, but must display the permit number. 

For more information, please visit the Permit to Practice page.

Digital Signature

In response to member and industry demand, ASET has partnered with Notarius to be the sole provider of digital stamps and signatures for ASET members. 

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