Mentoring Partnerships

Mentoring partnerships are formed with students, junior ASET members, or internationally-trained professionals who seek in-depth career advice and support. 

Mentors who participate in a mentoring partnership may choose to form an informal connection with their mentee (e.g., correspondence via phone, email, or Skype) or choose to establish a more formal mentoring relationship with face-to-face meetings.

The mentoring partnership is designed to be as flexible as possible in recognition of the challenges, such as geographical distance and time commitment that face our volunteers and participants. The mentor and mentee are encouraged to discuss and establish an approach that best meets their needs.

There are two types of partnerships that can be explored through the program:

Become a Mentor/Mentee

ASET Mentoring Program


All applications are screened and assessed by ASET prior to acceptance into the program.  If a suitable mentor is available, the member will be matched with a technology professional in their field of interest. 


Any Regular or Retired ASET member in good standing can apply to volunteer as a mentor. Mentors have at least three years of experience in their field of expertise and sufficient knowledge to speak to a mentee about their industry and occupation. ASET mentors assist:

  • High-school and post-secondary students to learn more about the profession and make decisions about their careers; 
  • Junior ASET members to network, explore career changes, and build career development strategies; and
  • Internationally-trained professionals to better understand their profession in Canada and Canadian workplace culture, as well as to network, explore career options, and build career development strategies. 

ASET mentors can use participation in the program to complete one of their annual Continuing Professional Development requirements (one Peer and Professional Interaction activity). 

Note: Internationally-trained professionals applying for the ASET Mentoring program must:

  • Be an ASET Technologist/Technician-in-Training in good standing
  • Be employed in their area of expertise
  • Commit the time to work towards a successful mentoring relationship

ERIEC Career Mentorship Program

If you are an internationally-trained professional in applied science or engineering technology and are currently unemployed or underemployed in Alberta you may qualify for mentoring support via the ASET partnership with the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My mentor/mentee lives far away; how are we going to connect?

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Q: How long does the match last for? / How many times should we meet?

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Q: What is the application and mentoring process?

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Q: Is there a format to follow when in a mentoring match?

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Q: How are matches made?

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Q: How soon will I be matched?

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Q: What if my match is not successful?

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Q: I have not heard from my mentor/mentee.

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