ASET's role as a self-regulating professional association includes promoting the engineering technology profession to various audiences. We are committed to growing a proud, engaged and professional membership, and are continuously developing initiatives to reach out to:

  • current engineering technology students in Alberta post-secondary institutions
  • internationally-educated graduates new to Canada; and
  • grades 7-12 students learning about the profession.


As part of our outreach initiatives, ASET offers informative presentations for various audiences to provide information on the profession, the association, and how to become a part of it.  

Professionalism and Certification

This presentation introduces ASET and our role within the engineering technology profession. Presenters discuss ASET designations and membership, with a strong focus on the value of a professional designation and the benefits of being involved with ASET. The presentation also discusses the aspects of professionalism through exploring what it means to belong to a self-regulating profession and providing a brief introduction to professional ethics. This allows attendees to gain an understanding of how to become a certified engineering technology professional through ASET, and what it means to recognized as a professional in your field of practice.


Becoming a Certified Engineering Technology Professional in Alberta

This presentation is designed for new Canadians looking to establish careers in engineering technology. Presenters introduce ASET and discuss the engineering technology profession, and how it differs from engineering. The presentation provides information on ASET designations and membership, with a strong focus on the value of a professional designation in Alberta and the benefits of being involved with ASET. Presenters also give an overview of the application process for internationally trained professionals, allowing attendees to walk away with a general understanding of the steps towards becoming a certified engineering technology professional in Alberta.


Introduction to the Engineering Technology Profession

This presentation introduces professions and what it means be recognized as a professional in any industry. Presenters will focus in on the differences between engineering and engineering technology, and explore the academic routes, types of work, and potential career opportunities for technologists and technicians. Speakers discuss and compare the different types of professional associations leading into a brief introduction to ASET, and how we support new and established technology professionals. Attendees will walk away with a new understanding of engineering technology and what resources ASET offers to those looking to further explore potential career pathways.

Book a presentation

To book a presentation, please click on the link below to fill out the ASET Presentation Request form.

STEM Camp Series

ASET's newest outreach initiative focuses on inspiring youth to become involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers, by gaining hands on exposure to a day in the life of an engineering technologist. The ASET STEM Camp series connects post-secondary institutions with surrounding junior high and high school districts to offer a one-day multidisciplinary camp, allowing the students the opportunity to practice valuable skills used every day by technology professionals, and explore potential career paths.

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