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Education & Training

Management Certificate Program

ASET is proud to introduce a new management certificate program for members! 

Working with leading educators at NAIT and SAIT, we have developed a curriculum targeted to members who wish to augment their technical competence with management skills that will position, and accelerate, them into leadership roles. 

The certificate program allows you to enhance your proficiency, increase your competence and advance your knowledge within management studies.

Program objectives

Management certificates will be available to ASET members only. Currently, NAIT is offering two certificate programs (the foundations certificate and the advanced certificate), and SAIT is offering one certificate program. All courses are instructor-led and fully delivered online, allowing members access from any geographic location. The courses are also offered numerous times throughout the year to meet students’ need for flexibility.

The course outcomes are:

  • describe financial functions, structures and reports.
  • interpret and apply manager’s responsibility for professional, ethical, legislative, legal, and regulatory requirements and standards.
  • develop emerging leaders to support individuals and teams to achieve organizational objectives
  • demonstrate planning, monitoring, and optimization of operational activities.
  • implement organizational/strategic plan within a team.
  • apply HR fundamentals.


  1. The NAIT foundations certificate is a prerequisite to the NAIT advanced certificate.
  2. Courses are stand-alone with no prerequisites and can be taken in any order.
  3. NAIT students have three years to complete each level of their certificate, and SAIT students have four years to complete their certificate program.

1.  NAIT


2.  SAIT


From the classroom to your home or office, the learning has come to you in short videos that can fit your schedule. 

Provided below are e-learning sessions that can help you in your day-to-day work environment.  These sessions allow for quick learning and can be applied to your ASET Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Once purchased, you can view the video at your convenience for 30 days and a comprehensive workbook or powerpoint PDF is provided for future reference.

Understanding Generational Differences

Digital Communications

Cover Letters and Resume Workshop

Interviews Workshop

Partner Training

ASET is proud to partner with a variety of Educational Partners for professional development and technical courses. Click on the parnter website below to see current course offerings in your area.

1.  CSA Group

ASET has entered into an agreement with CSA Group, a leading standards development organization, to give their members access to professional education, technical training and personnel certification programs at a reduced rate.

CSA Group's training courses help ASET members advance their knowledge of standards, codes and management systems – making the world a safer and more sustainable place for people to work and live.

For more information and to register, click the link below:


2.  ECO Canada

ASET and ECO Canada are dedicated to providing engineering technology and environmental workforce professionals with fundamental skill development resources to propel them towards success, and have partnered to provide Professional Development (PD) courses. 

To further support ASET members with professional development, ECO Canada’s online skill development courses are now available at a discounted rate of 15% (please use this promo code upon checkout: ASET15)

For more information, please contact


3.  EPIC Educational Program

EPIC aims to be the comprehensive source of upgrading solutions for engineers and other technical professionals by offering practical, innovative courses that enhance performance.

ASET members receive a 10% discount on EPIC’s courses. Please use the code ASET when registering for a course.

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