Competency Summary Advisors


An applicant seeking registration with ASET as a certified technician (C.Tech.) or certified engineering technologist (C.E.T.) must complete a multi-step process of assessment in four key areas: theoretical knowledge, practical application, professional currency/level of experience and ethics/law. One of the most challenging components of this process is the completion of a competency summary. For the summary, applicants provide detailed work experience examples to demonstrate skill and knowledge in relation to technician or technologist level of practice.

Key functions

The key functions of competency summary advisors are to:

  • support the applicant to complete the competency summary application component
  • help applicants to:
    • understand the competency summary requirements
    • prepare work experience examples to include in the competency summary
    • provide technical advice in relation to competency summary indicators
  • provide ongoing support and feedback; and
  • coordinate with ASET staff as needed.

Advisors will not:

  • try to assist applicants with resolving personal issues through therapeutic intervention
  • simply repeat application information – they must offer guidance and improve applicant understanding; or
  • judge whether applicants have the requisite knowledge or skills for certification.

Applicants may request the assistance of an competency summary advisor (a volunteer ASET certified member) with the content of their competency summary. Applicants might want to utilize existing resources to assist them with their competency summary (mentor, supervisor, colleagues) prior to requesting an advisor. These advisors can help applicants understand the competency summary requirements through preparation of work experience examples, providing technical advice in relation to a specific indicator and providing feedback. Generally, the advisor and applicant connect through email, phone and/or virtual communication methods that suit both parties. The advisor is available for a maximum of 30 days once assigned.

Applicants can submit a detailed competency summary advisor request to with specific questions/inquiries about their competency summary. ASET staff review the applicant’s request and follow up with them either for clarification or when the advisor has been assigned. Staff will provide in the email further details/instructions of the assignment.

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