Title Misuse

Titles Reserved for ASET Members

As a self-regulating professional association, ASET ensures public safety with a responsibility to guarantee the qualifications of those holding ASET titles and protect against title misuse, and the ability to exercise disciplinary and legal action to ensure competence of ASET members. Although the provincial government remains ultimately responsible for public safety and well-being, it entrusts this responsibility to professional self-regulatory associations such as ASET.

Professional designations that ASET provides to regulated members as per the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act of Alberta are protected titles. If you are not a member of ASET, you are not authorized to use the designation and protected titles of C.Tech., C.E.T., or P.Tech. Even if the PPE, Certification Exam or the NPPE is the last requirement to obtaining your ASET designation, protected titles cannot be used until you receive your designation from ASET.

Using the title of Certified Technician (C.Tech.), Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) or Professional Technologist (P.Tech.) in any electronic or print media is not permitted until you obtain your designation from ASET. This includes:

  • social media profiles
  • email signatures
  • business cards
  • resumes
  • letters

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