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Ferdinand Langit
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Rings & Frames

ASET members receive rings and certificates to identify their right to practice and right to use their title. If your item is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may request a replacement.


Download Certified Ring Order Form

 Mahogany    Walnut    Gold

Download Certificate and Specialty Frame Order Form


Members requiring a duplicate certificate due to loss or damage will receive one free reprint. Subsequent reprints are subject to a $10 administration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Who is eligible to possess an ASET ring?

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Q:How do I get sized for a ring?

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Q:After filing out the order form, when will I receive my ring or frame? Will I receive a confirmation?

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Q:Can I have my ring resized if it is too loose or tight?

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Q:How do I replace my ring if it is lost?

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Q:How should I care for my ASET ring?

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Q:Are members allowed to wear the older style of the ASET ring?

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