Putting my P.Tech. to Work

According to, one of the top workplace trends for 2014 is the normalization of freelance/consulting work. 

“One of the challenges of working as a consultant is to keep a strong network while still focusing on a client’s needs,” states Fluter. “Being able to pass my knowledge to others provided me with a chance to build a network beyond the company I was working at.”

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Top 10 Lessons when Working in the Field?

Know what to expect when first working in the field?  Check out some valuable lessons here.

Field work is a fast-paced environment and you must stay cool, calm, and collected when something doesn’t go according to plan/schedule. That’s the best part of field work—it offers a fresh challenge, an ongoing demand, and an even higher reward. 

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It’s not just a job. It’s a lifestyle

Working in the Field.  It’s a lifestyle upon which our members demonstrate and maintain a passion and excitement for.

There is an unspoken culture that goes along with working in the field, encompassing a structure that revolves around language, decision-making, behavior, adaptation, and ongoing training. The prospects are high and continue to intensify throughout a professional’s career.

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The Early Days

An overview of the formative years of ASET

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Legal Recognition

December 1985 saw a major milestone in the history of ASET

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A Salute to Our Founding Members

A message from the first president of ASET, Ernie Carter, C.E.T.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Martin, C.E.T.

Helping Make the ASET Community Stronger

Get to know one of the many volunteers beyond their time and efforts with ASET.

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