Try the new auto quick quote through the ASET Home and Auto Insurance Program

Whether you`re shopping around for a new vehicle or comparing insurance rates on your existing vehicle, you can now get a quote faster with the new auto quick quote tool.  

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Meet our Members: Rachel Neilson, C.E.T.

I'm Always Learning. I'm Always Curious.

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Results from the TPC 2016 Disciplines Study

Hearing from Technology Professionals across Canada

In January 2016, ASET members and key stakeholders – including representatives from academia, industry and non-member students – were invited to participate in an unprecedented study about the technical disciplines that may ultimately influence the course of the engineering technology and applied science technology profession in Alberta and some other Canadian provinces.

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Technology Accreditation Canada Completes PGLOY Review

National accrediting body continues to promote excellence in education

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Defining Ourselves in a Social Media World

Social Media for Work

We highlight the use of social media at the workplace and its increased importance to technology professionals.

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Our Dependence on Technology

Pros and Cons to Technology

Examining the effects of the use of technology on our everyday work lives.

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Non-technical Operations for Technology Professionals

HR and Accounting Tips for Entrepreneurs

A brief look at the areas of HR and accounting when starting your business.

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Converting Building Designs into Reality

Discipline Spotlight: Architectural

With the development of the competency profiles of all ASET’s technical disciplines, we are highlighting a particular discipline each month to showcase the various technical skills and knowledge our members represent.

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Pursuing the Entrepreneurial Life

Starting Your Own Business

A quick look at what you need to consider when starting your own business.

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Preparing Yourself for Self-Employment

Challenges When Starting Your Own Business

Considerations for entrepreneurs looking to venture out on their own.

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